DowntimeI am a huge fan of using downtime to your benefit.

Whether you are waiting for an appointment, standing in line, or have a brief window of time between commitments, use this downtime to your advantage. Make a todo list, write notes on a project, or sketch out an outline for a post or story. Last week, I was waiting to meet a friend for lunch, and took out my notebook to jot some thoughts on my current creative project. After I patted myself on the back for being productive, I decided I had to share.

Below is my Facebook Live video, challenging my community to stop everything (when they’re done watching), take 15 minutes, and work on something, anything that moves one of their projects forward.

Watch the video:

Want to take it a step further, schedule 15-minute sprints to work on your passion projects at various intervals throughout the day.

Tell me, what did you accomplish during your downtime? How did this exercise work for you? Please share in the comments.



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