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Here are 73 goals posted on the Facebook Page and in the Group in August.

Daniel Escurel Occeno To continue setting up a fictional novel to an eBook. I might have to wake up at 3 a.m. as usual. I already tried all day and just used up the charge on my tablet.

Chrysanthe Song Tan To finish up the month goals I set at the last meeting. One new cover song video and three Illustrator designs for merch.

Joe Giambrone Sell some copies of Wrecking Balls, which just released……

Larissa Merriman 20 pages of new screenplay “reunion” and to post content on my new website. Any content.

Shannon Luders-Manuel Create a newsletter through TinyLetter.

Daniel Escurel Occeno For the entire month my goal is to self-publish at the very least one already written fictional novel in eBook.

Tracy Gerhardt-Cooper Get my first paid editing job done! Also, create a calendar for the duration of August. I’ll be away for 12 days, so it will be a challenge to write much.

Andrea Helaine Finish the first draft of my literature review. Read through a draft of a screenplay I am revising that I took a break from (and load it into updated software).

Claire Louise Brown New idea has battered one I was struggling with in to reserve, so I’m developing characters jotting scene ideas and time lines.

Beth McGee Edit paper copy of first 4 chapters to give to beta readers for input by the end of next week.

Lois Paige Simenson Back to novel revision, chapter 4 rewrite. Try to reorder chapters, using Scrivener.

Daniel Escurel Occeno To continue finalizing the self-publication of a fictional novel. During last week I learned that I have the technology to continue what I am doing. I do not have to purchase additional technology to accomplish my works.

Jane Elizabeth Marko 1000 words a day.

Sandra de Helen Write two more essays this week.

Haley Walden I’d like to complete at least 3 chapters this week.

Kristin Cruz Just got a book that I want use as a challenge to get the juices flowing! It’s called “Write A book in 4 weeks”. I’ll post a pic. I’m doing it “Just do it.” mode.

Stacy A. Alderman Conquer the monster that is page number formatting, re-upload my newly edited novel to CreateSpace & Kindle, create an ad, and run a promo! Yikes!

Leanne Cane Moving from working on one page a day to two pages a day on my first novel! I’m working on building up to a sustainable three-pages per day schedule. Enjoying the process!

Daniel Escurel Occeno To force myself in finalizing self-publishing a fictional novel into an eBook. It is kind of scary and probably why I wanted to be traditional published. Let big corporations worry about the details. I even have a pen name ready if HarperCollins UK emailed that Daniel Escurel Occeno is not marketable.

Jenn Francis Finish at least two–possibly three–more sections of my current paid assignment.

Larissa Merriman Finish a speech for on of my clients to deliver this Thursday. Bring in 10 rewritten pages to my writers group, write 10 new pages on my screenplay and find 2 new twitterers to engage with who are not insane.

Anh Nguyen Write my LinkedIn and blog post ‘Salespeople, stop checking the boxes!’ on social selling.

Balaram Hariharan I have a few goals that I want to knock off for this week: 1. To finish off the character profiles of my two heroines for my love triangle with a twist fully fledged novella. 2. To finish writing the creative non-fictional articles that I had noted down for this week to complete for a local Indian newspaper 3. To keep writing genre-free stories that please me personally until the end of this week

Jessica Kolano Find a way to channel my anger over Charlottesville into motivation to write my dystopian story.

Jon Duckworth Combine notes for chapter into single outline for current WIP and post a blog.

Tony Gee Getting notes on chapters 1-3 from my developmental editor to clean up. Writing 500 words on my other fantasy book.

Beth McGee Just 1500 words of writing, and two chapters of editing of my audio book.

Claire Louise Brown Finish character profiles and timeline for my new WIP and commence writing chapter 1

Stephanie Kruk Writing for at least 15 minutes a day. It’s hard with work and baby and school to work on my book and other projects but I want to make progress.

Alexandra Miguel Come back to my book (I left him in the 8th chapter)

Krysta Koenigsknecht Finish outline for book series and begin writing first book of 4 book series

Luke Pinneo Be cool water for a world on fire.

Lois Paige Simenson Register for Novel Writers Conference in Pasadena

Samantha Shapiro-Ferraro Write all the recipes I’ve tested so far! Ok..lets just say my goal for today is 3! lol

Mari L. Mccarthy Send out 1 email a day asking for an Amazon review of Journaling Power. I just made my goal of 50 reviews the first year of publication. My next goal is to have 100 JP reviews by the time my next book, Heal Your Self: How Journaling Power Gets And Keeps You Healthy comes out in Fall, 2018. I ❤️ goal setting and getting!

Alex Willging Sign up for NaNoWriMo early!

Jon Duckworth Combine my notes for a chapter into a single outline. Post a blog.

Gerald Everett Jones Please more Kindle Scout votes for Choke Hold. I’m not greedy, just ambitious! Thank you for sharing. Good author karma!!

Beth McGee Print my WIP, caption it with the beats in the margins. I have a list of the important messages I want to get across, and since the story is shaping up as I go along, it isn’t fitting to do an outline. I think if I caption a printed copy with the points made summarized next to each section, I will know better what has been said and what hasn’t.

Lisa L Borm I’m currently in Editing Hell. Right now my completed WIP is on a critique site. I’m trying to stick to my goal of doing five critiques a day and type in the changes on at least two chapters a day. I hope in a couple of weeks I’ll be doing the final read through.

Veronica Yeager Ok, I’ll put this down in writing, finish the section of my WIP and add 4000 words by end of the week!

Megan Dunlop Write 2 articles (hopefully, the editor will like them!) and 15 mins writing a day

Daniel Escurel Occeno Same as last week and hopefully with better results.

Krysta Koenigsknecht Figure out a few more names then start writing the book!

Young Lee Finish chapter 20

Bobbi Annicks Phone call to an artist friend about a collaboration.

Manny Alkado Kasi I’m writing project proposals

Steven Pardoe Inspire other people

Stacy A. Alderman Conquer. Technical. Difficulties.

Lisa Carr I’m working on a book trailer (book not published yet) and I need to get some quotes together from the book itself.

Kristina Cowan Revise and update my website, and load my press kit there; write two blog posts; attend to the 25+ items on my book-promo to-do list; make sure my kids do their homework and everyone gets proper food, sleep, love, and attention. That last one isn’t writing-related, but it sure helps with a mom-writer’s overall well-being.

Lois Paige Simenson Received an assignment from Alaska Magazine to write another story! Came out of the blue—but only 1 week to research and write it, YIKES!

Sherry Sheridan Hayes-Peirce Got a call out of the blue to from Angelus Magazine, the number one Catholic publication in California on Monday with a 48-hour deadline. Got it done in 24! Hoping it leads to a weekly byline that I pitched last February – PERSISTENCE!

David Watson Find a beat sheet and diagram the first chapters until after the inciting incident.

Lois Paige Simenson Finalize and submit my magazine article. I suffer for my art

Jon Duckworth Examine chapter 1 of Acts of the Apostles and translate chapter 2.

Sandra de Helen I’m hoping to go to Scripteaser’s on Friday night, where I will see other playwrights, actors, directors, etc.

Lisa L Borm Argh!!! To keep my hateful whiny comments to myself. Kinda smiley face….

Leanne Cane Submit thesis chapters for end-of-year review, plus some time each day on my novel

Stephanie Kruk Write three required essays and one article I’ve had buzzing in the back of my head.

Bobbi Annicks Design the piece of wall art I am commissioning from a fellow eBay seller. The words Love Love Love will soon be hung on our walls! Needing good vibes in the space.

Sarah Myers To work on the fleshed out novel version of my InstaFiction project.

Daniel Escurel Occeno To solve my dilemma with self-publishing my fictional novel.

Jane Smith Don’t give up and write one blog post.

April Presnell Finish my author website

Alex Willging Write more of a new story and practice my writing muscles for NaNoWriMo!

Damon Maultsaid Reading this book, I’ve always been interested in Grace Jones but I don’t know much about her. I first heard her music on the radio when I was only about eight years old. I also saw a few of her music vids and knew she was a deep person–that was probably the first true connection I felt between music and emotion. I’ll be putting a few thousand words down on the biography I’m writing too. I love reading about people and reading helps your writing.

Larissa Merriman I’m re-writing a previous script for my group, so always moving forward on that. One of my larger goals is to figure out which new project to concentrate on. I’ve been writing on all of them, but I am moving at a glacial pace.

Annette Montblanc Enjoy my vacation.

Beth McGee Wait for beta reader recommendations for WIP. Edit two chapters of audio book files. Go to the beach. Rest.

Aadip Desai For rest of the week…rework a pitch for a new TV series. I accomplished my goals of sending out pitches on two shows for potential hosts, sending my pilot to a producer, reviewing a friend’s pilot for a fellowship, and sending my “writer for hire” contract back to a producer! Phew.

Rosemary Bointon I have just done my goal for the week – to post a new article on Medium!

Sherry Sheridan Hayes-Peirce Doing my first LinkedIn video, designing graphics for the first of the month posts and writing two blogs on social media with a health and safety focus.



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