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Here are the goals posted on the Facebook Page and in the Group in September.

Rachel Kolodziej Finish my collection of “scary” stories for my niece and finish editing and submit the 2 pieces I’m almost done with.

Christy Jackson Nicholas Very light goals this week! I did 3300 words yesterday, and hope for 2000 today. Then I’m off to DragonCon so no writing minimums. Party time!

E.M. Shue 3 character profiles, a teaser and finalize the new logo for my series. Light week here.

Pam Martin 5 landing pages for a client (about 500 words each — and more than 5 of them would really help my PayPal balance!), at least 2 more chapters of one WIP (I’d REALLY like to have this round finished by the end of next week, but I’m only 6500 words in), one more blog post (mine), and some Facebook posts on my author page. I finished one chapter this afternoon, and I’m hoping to be most of the way through another before I quit for the day.

Daniel Escurel Occeno My eBook in a Filipino language is “In Review” limbo so wait on that to see what happened. Create new ebooks in the Filipino language once resolved..

Stephanie Olivieri I just submitted to #PitchWars with my YA and so the rest of the goals are to get a jump on my short ghost stories for Oct (because of the wedding)

Tracy Gerhardt-Cooper Editorial calendar for next month. Headed back to school as a teacher so I need to be well-planned and organized.

April Bing Trying to knockout a couple of post and work on an editorial calendar.

Aadip Desai Survive week two of grad school at AFI!

Joe Ferraro-Shey Find a north east coast media, that Can promote Samantha’s Cookbook.. “The Weeknight Mediterranean Kitchen”!

Sandra de Helen Finish another essay. Find where to submit it. Submit it. Work on the poetry project. Read two more books.

Dennis Palumbo Still revising and updating my website. Exciting, eh?

Luis Quintana To eat new cheeseburgers.

Lois Paige Simenson Finish my plotting board, develop outline for 2nd series book, rewrite blurb. If any time left, revise Chapter 11

E.M. Shue Finish my 5th manuscript

Kayla LE Taylor To be more motivated to do a little more work than getting irritated at the thought of not doing it..because of laziness lol

Christina Alexandra To finish the damn book. I’m going on a 4 day writers retreat starting tomorrow.

Daniel Escurel Occeno Still learning this DOTPAD tablet computer at 2:43 A.M. here at Gubat, Philippines. I am making sure that I have the connection speed. Less Internet usage traffic this early. I at least have free Facebook.

Monique Goosen Our new Magazine comes out this weekend… and I need to complete 4 articles still

Leslie Kain Continue revisions on book #1 to prepare for sending to agents

Christy Jackson Nicholas I hope to get in 10,000 words this week. This was my goal last week, and I got in 13,500 words last week

Pam Bartlett Martin Working on my nonfiction novel.

Joe Ferraro-Shey To find a responsive attorney in Los Angeles or Long Beach area that Can drop the ball on some people that did not adhere to a contract.

Isabella Smith Finish another 3 chapters and the outline for the documentary. #TheResistanceIsSouthern

Tanya Bailey 5 pages.

Jim Katzaman Besides the daily postings, I might need to follow up on a requested blog submission last week. I haven’t received an acknowledgment of receipt.

Sandra de Helen Prepare for Friday night’s board meeting with The Scripteasers. Prepare for Saturday afternoon’s board meeting with Mediarites. Go to a movie on Wednesday (it’s been months!) Finish one of the essays I started before I injured my back. Find a place to submit it. Submit it.

Jennifer Pulling Now that I’ve met my stiff deadline for a book for Carlton Publishing, I will sit with pen and paper and brainstorm before I decide on the subject of my next book.

Dennis Palumbo Updating my poor website! I have interviews, articles, etc., from many years ago that I need to prune.

J Blair Brown Developing my outline for several training workshops soon to take place in the fall/winter months.

Lois Paige Simenson Missed the mark on my blurb, must rewrite it. Less is more and I’m an overwriter. Keep plugging away on revision, Chapters 10 and 11, for critique group next Monday

Daniel Escurel Occeno Less is more but active not passive. I am still working on those as well. packs a punch to get the reader to read it or editor.

Bill Kelly I was a week late getting my last chapter finished. I’m not feeling much inspiration for the next chapter, so I just hope to get it started.

Daniel Escurel Occeno Same as last week since I put it off for this week. I already started. I self-published one with a new cover of the 24 ebooks, which needs, to be finalized or updated.

Pam Martin At least four chapters in the WIP #1 and $300 or more in client work (which, at the moment, is only coming along at about $15 a piece!)

Christy Jackson Nicholas My goal is to write 10,000 words on my WIP. Yesterday I wrote 2100. On my way!

Mercy Fae Author To finish formatting my novel before school starts.

Sarah Glenn To get a promotion going for one of our authors, and to talk to the artist about another book cover… her schedule permitting.

Pam Martin Make significant headway on a new novel (like, I need to be at least halfway through), watch a training video from a new client, write a couple of client blog posts, catch up on my own blog, squeeze out a chapter or two on my other two WIP novels…

Lois Paige Simenson Rewrite synopsis, rewrite blurb, take a stab at query letter, revise first 500 words of novel.

Dimitri Kasongo All you see here is just better in the other side…

Daniel Escurel Occeno Already started since Wednesday now. To self-publish my ebooks with the new cover.

E.M. Shue Write 2k, newsletter and 2 teasers for book bundle.

Sandra de Helen Write something. Anything.

Jim Katzaman Besides daily Medium stories, submit an outside-requested story on the importance of saving. Hoping Chamber of Commerce approves proposal to address a meeting about business solutions.

Alex Willging Get to the halfway mark on my current manuscript!

Carley Marston To finish my outline of my book

Jessica Roush finish my book and attempt to look for freelance writing gigs.

Daniel Escurel Occeno To learn my new gadget a DOTPAD tablet computer so I can self-publish my ebooks and for print-on-demand paperbacks.



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