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Here are the goals posted on the Facebook Page and in the Group in May.

Bill Kelly I’m hoping for another four thousand to ten thousand words. I never know whether I’m going to have a bad time physically and mentally with my health, but I want to keep making progress.

Daniel Escurel Occeno To do writing related work.

Leanne Page 2k. I need to write a lot more (that deadline is starting to get alarmingly close), but 2,000 seems like an achievable amount for this week.

Stephanie Olivieri Bourbon Yay I just wrote a goal post!! So write every day in the novels, write some scripts to shoot my YT videos this week, complete my freebie PDF for my course and do course outlines!

Vickie Burns-Sikora Start working on the plan for the new novel.

Daniel Escurel Occeno Go back of writing on my baseball novel.

Lois Paige Simenson Write chapters 3 and 4 of novella

Bill Kelly As always, I just want to make progress. Ideally, I’m thinking that another five to ten thousand words would be good depending on how my health goes. I am fighting some real life paperwork that needs to be addressed, so that will interfere with stepping into the world of the novel and seeing where things go next.

Leanne Page Any progress I can make on this current project would be amazing.

E.M. Shue 3k and a Facebook ad

Sarah Glenn Finish new scene. Pay authors.

Stephanie Olivieri Bourbon Get my YouTube channel up

Christy Jackson Nicholas I’m on the line-by-line grammar edits for my current draft, Age of Secrets. I’ve only done chapter 1 of 15 so far. I hope to get at least 4 more chapters done this week.

E.M. Shue kanban and finally finish my bible for this book

Ian Ganahl Start with the novel version of my sci-fi script

Vivienne Bretherick I have a work in progress ready to go, I am going to research where to send it this week and compose a submission letter.

Ryan Wilson Edit 25 pages.

Brian Meeks Finally to get over being sick so I can focus on telling my stories again. I’m close.

Daniel Escurel Occeno Since April 1st my mother and I planned on vacationing to Kansas so she can go to the high school graduation of her grandchildren, twins of boy and girl. Well! We are here at LAX while waiting for the departure to KCI. I doubt that I can do much writing like during the many days of planning and to make it workout. But I will try.

Lois Paige Simenson Write chapter 2 of novella.

Leslie Kain 1000 words/day

Bill Kelly I hope to add another 5,000 words at least.

Dana Stephenson Survive

Sarah Glenn I want to finish the current scene in my WIP, and make it through Week 2 in the call center without feeling doomed. The pressure is on.

Pam Martin Finish chapter synopses for the next WIP and then start writing the book. I’d LIKE to get the outlines/chapter synopses done for 2 other novels, as well, but this one is my first priority.

Lois Paige Simenson Write Chapter 3 of my Seasoned Romance novella

Bill Kelly I just want to make more progress. I’m having a bad time physically right now, so I probably won’t do as well as I did the past two weeks. If I can get 4,000 words, I’ll be happy enough.

Daniel Escurel Occeno I will listen on You Tube to IN THE MOOD by the Glenn Miller Orchestra to get in the mood to write on my baseball novel. The song was released in 1939 during the Big Band Era and was the best song in the early 1940s.

Leanne Page 1,000 words. As a writer, I’m more of a tortoise than a hare.

Brian Meeks 14,000 words.

Tom Moser Plug away at draft! 2/3 of the way through. Last time I posted I was halfway through, so that’s progress!!

Candy Neely Arrington Follow up on opportunities from the ASJA conference.

Sarah Glenn Maintaining my sanity. This is my first week working calls, we have visiting family, and I think a situation with my mother is about to worsen (vaguebooking).

Vickie Burns-Sikora 1) Get the blog I started underway. 2) research contests. On a personal note, my pup seems a little better, so there may be a future yet.

Stephanie Olivieri Bourbon My goals are to start the massive revisions for my YA and spend one hour or more a day on my new biz. (I’m writing now and spent 5 hours today on my YT channel, my website, my sales page, and studying in classes)…

Leanne Page This week I’m focusing more on creating positive momentum than on achieving a specific word count.

Christy Jackson Nicholas I hope to finish the first draft of my WIP this week! About 12,000 words to go.

Bill Kelly I hope to continue with the same kind of progress that I’ve been making.

Morgan Mason Honestly my goals are to actually write again this week. Classes had me bogged down and finals were not fun. 😓

E.M. Shue 2k in words, kanban board started.

Eve Kanne Still sending out query letters – goal 5 more this week – self doubt is setting in

Daniel Escurel Occeno I will go back to writing on my baseball novel. I still have not decided on an ending. Maybe Tommy gets called to the majors, which means, that I have to Google and read about minor league life to write 20,000 words traveling the State of Michigan to come up with new storylines. The cover inspiration is Detroit Tigers blue.

Candy Neely Arrington Work on pitches for ASJA client connections and pack sooner than the night before I leave. 

Stephanie Olivieri Bourbon Record some videos. Flush out my course. Write in the novel. Attend a writing conference.

Mike Shields Complete 1 minute comedy monologue, plus another 10 minute set about 420, and pickup my dry cleaning

Daniel Escurel Occeno To write on my baseball novel as much as I can during the month of May.



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