ScriptFrenzy from the Office of Letters & Light who bring us National Novel Writing Month every Novemberis a scriptwriting contest with at simple challenge: Write a 100-page Screenplay in the 30 days of April. The rigid deadline prevents writers from getting bogged down with story holes, character arcs, and the formal rules of scriptwriting. An amazing thing happens when you have such a tight deadline. Story holes get filled. Characters are knocked into shape. And the script gets done.

Program Director Jennifer Arzt offers Write On! Members: Top 5 Reasons to Participate in Script Frenzy

1. No judges. No prizes. Just you and a 100-page challenge
2. Unflinching deadline
3. Thousands of **fellow scriptwriters** holding you accountable
4. There’s no time like now to get to the end of Draft 1
5. Cost to join: $0. Feeling of triumph on April 30: Priceless

Read the Q&A with Jennifer in the current StoryLink eZine. And for more information, go to

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