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Here are the goals posted in April. How did everyone do?

Beth McGee Next week…record my entire audiobook! Good luck everyone!

Daniel Escurel Occeno Not my word count but making plans to add to it.

Keianna Johnson Hello. I am trying to finish up on some writing I started a few weeks ago

Kristin Ammerman Prep for FB Live stream for a client coming up this Friday. (And Crossing my fingers I don’t get my kiddo’s pink eye, too!)

Manda Rydberg finish this chapter before this weekend smile emoticon

Beth McGee Get recording equipment ready and begin recording audiobook chapters 1-3.

Lois Paige Simenson I just want to go home.

Jade Mc To write a best seller.

Keianna Johnson My goal is to be more proactive as a writer. I downloaded Evernote on my cellphone to I can keep my ideas flowing and in one place.

Daniel Escurel Occeno I made a short list of short stories and go from there.

Daniel Escurel Occeno I really need to write and finish short stories to submit and at the same time continue to edit on my novel in progress.

Keianna Johnson My writing goals this week is to write every day. I have 3 writing projects I am working on. So I will spend 20 mind in the morning at my desk. Have a power lunch (writing during my lunch period) and 20 mins before bed. I started yesterday, I felt productive.

Beth McGee 3000 words for my own book and final formatting of this god forsaken municipal project I’ve been working on for months. Good luck everyone!

Daniel Escurel Occeno I will continue to edit on works in progress and when I get bored, I will work on short stories. Watching the TV show of Supergirl and Avengers Age of Ultron is inspiring me to write on my own super heroes or at least Urban Fantasy stories and Science Fiction.

Sarah Myers To get started on the short due in 12 days… (Realizing I am becoming a “crunch time” writer)

Alisha Vincent Finish second draft edits and give to friend for a third look.

Fawn Joan To finish reviewing my first novel to correct the mistakes and can upload it again.

Alisha Vincent At least half of the second draft of my novel edited.

Emily Dills transcribe what I have so far from paper to computer

Beth McGee Already met it. Buy will try to meet it again and again in the coming days. Hoping for 5k words total for the week. Good luck everyone!

Diana Brebrich Rewriting my action thriller.

Persephone Vandegrift Finish current screenplay.

AlfioandTiffany Sciacca Finish 3 poems.

Beth McGee Include a subscription popup on my website. Finish a gosh darn municipal writing project that has been dominating my life forever! Ugh! Time to move on smile emoticon Good luck to everyone in their goals this week.

Meg Condie Three scenes this week to finish the chapter! I think I can do it in 3 x 30 min sessions. One of which is beginning… 3, 2, 1, (close facebook!), *now* (wish me luck)

Valerie Ullmer Send in a novella to an editor for content editing, and finish outline for a second book in my assassins series.

Margaret Ludwig 30 minutes a night in work days and one hour on days off to write

Alisha Vincent Progress on second draft revisions.



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