We held the May 2017 meeting last week at our new location C&M Coffee and Milk Westwood Gateway in West Los Angeles. Remember, parking for the meetings is validated in the building, thanks to Brandon.

The challenge we discussed is our tendency to over-think things. This is not just a problem for writers, creatives, and entrepreneurs. I believe most people have a tendency to plan and think too much, and then never get around to the follow-through. Yes, planning is necessary, says the person behind guided goals. However, there comes a time when you need to stop thinking and start doing!

This month’s bonus goal is to take something you have been plotting for a while, and just take some time and actually work on it. It could be a website redesign, a query letter, a blog post, a short story, anything.

By the way, for those keeping track I completed last month’s bonus goal of making clam chowder. Not sure yet what I will stop over-thinking, but I’ll figure something out let you know how it goes.

The next LA meeting is on June 7 at C&M Coffee and Milk. RSVP on Facebook.

New Giveaway: At the May live meeting, Greg Jacobs won a copy of Christmas Karma by Gerald Everett Jones.

Write On Facebook Group: I created the Facebook group for Write On Online to facilitate conversations, as well as encourage community and connection among members. There are daily threads where people can chime in, share their thoughts and links, and so on. This group is for writers, creatives, and entrepreneurs. Feel free to invite your friends and peers to join. Also like the Write On Online Facebook page.

Don’t forget to post your May 2017 Goals. Please also share what you are going to do without thinking this month in the comments. #WriteOn



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