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Here are the goals posted on the Facebook Page and in the Group in April.

E.M. Shue Plotting for next book.

Suzie Quintana 12k words on my 2nd draft.

Christy Jackson Nicholas I hope to write 10K in my WIP this week.

Bill Kelly I’m hoping to make more progress.

Daniel Escurel Occeno To work on my ebooks of needing a new cover. Already started with Crystaline. Early mornings for faster Internet speed to get it done.

Sarah Glenn First two items on Sunday’s list are checked off. I’d still like to post a book review, but I may (crossing fingers) be employed at last, which may curtail work on my WIP.

Candy Neely Arrington I’m still creating the 3-session course I’m teaching at a conference the third week in May. The handouts have to be turned in May 1 so I need to finish the course content!

Tom Moser I’m desperately trying to finish the notes from my alpha reader, but freelance projects keep popping up (not that I’m complaining about money). I’m on Ch 6 of 25 so far.

Lois Paige Simenson Write Ch 3 and 4 of novella

E.M. Shue This week I’m taking time off to spend time with my family, and finally get my Kanban board set up.

Jeannie Gallagher Donnelly Butt in chair for 10 pages a day. Just need a space I can escape to.

Daniel Escurel Occeno Try to work on something productive.

Bill Kelly I just want to get back on track and make progress.

Sarah Glenn I would like to get the ebook for Strangely Funny ready to go by week’s end. However, this may be delayed by more job interviews! The world must have noticed me at last!

Christina Alexandra • outline novella for August release and start working on it. • continue with 2k a day on novel for October release

Nigel Karl Stone Finish editing this literary publication and make sure the launch event page goes live before the end of the week

Daniel Escurel Occeno Write on my baseball novel. I decided to write it of mostly dialogues instead of all narrative.

Bill Kelly I hope to keep adding words to my story.

E.M. Shue 6k in words.

Lois Paige Simenson Write a mission statement. Keep up with my online novella and police procedures classes.

Sarah Glenn To get the galley of Strangely Funny VI out to the authors for review.

Deborah Lyn Stanley Make significant progress in two courses I’m taking and write another article for blogging.

Bill Kelly I’ll be happy just to continue making progress. I’ve been doing a few thousand words most weeks.

Daniel Escurel Occeno Look up baseball jargons and slangs or words of synonymous to the major league of baseball to help create scenes for my baseball novel. Example: Ace. “The coach removed the pitcher for the ace. The best starting pitcher of last season was to pitch. To Tommy! The scout bragged about finding a real big swinger.”

Ali Griggs To have my book done by next week

Anastasia Shalunkova Finish all three projects for skillshare workshop)

Felicia French Researching

Sandra de Helen I think this week I’m going to have to recover from last week’s AWP 2019 and two readings.

Benjamin R Miller This week my goal is to write 8k NEW words in my manuscript

Daniel Escurel Occeno For the month of April I will continue to write on my baseball novel – “Play the Game. Tommy!”



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