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Here are the goals posted over the last month. How did everyone do?

Melody Lopez: Two pages a night…each night…all week

Melanie Boczarski: I will have two new freelance assignments this week.

Rick Clark: Submit my final documents as a candidate for Brea’s City Treasurer. Got all my nomination signatures… just need to write my candidate’s statement.

Shae Smith: To finish a blog post that I started last week!

Trevor Kohlhepp: Continue to development stronger systems so it’s easier to hire.

Good in a Room: To publish my first 7 Day short course.

Zac Sanford: Finish the outline for a new feature and also finish the outline for season two of my webseries.

Greta Boris: My goal is to have a written marketing campaign covering the next 6 months for my book. Thanks for the opportunity for accountability!

Sukhraj Beasla: Blog, podcast, and maybe going back to school

Teresa Massey Watson: To be almost finished with the rewrite of my third book, and come up with a good opening for the garage sale mystery series I want to start. If I don’t do the latter, my mom will drop kick me to the moon, as it was her idea for the series!

Ashley Hill: I plan on writing for a new ebook!

Beth Davis Cato: Need to revise short stories and send out some poems.

Shannon Smith: To finish what I started and push it out! So late ;(

Jim Newman: Finish 10 pages of screenplay, complete 2 script reviews, read 2 e-books provided by a fellow writer, and do at least 5 hours of freeform writing.

Trevor Kohlhepp: Work on duties of the new contractor!

Rebekah McClew: I still haven’t started a blog page yet outside of Facebook. My goal is to get in at least 30k words by the end of the week on the new story I started.

Benjamin Timmins: Reach 30k words in novel, and try and start working on how the story is going to conclude.

Brandie Tarvin: Edits for my antho story “The Fall of Jolly Tannum”, finish editing a newsletter for a writer’s org, finish a chapter rewrite for my novel, and narrate a story for a podcast.

Mike Shields: Need to get caught up on 100 pages in 100 days script.

Shae Smith: Finally got my post up yesterday. Would like to get another one done this week.

William Springer: I want to finish writing out character descriptions for my upcoming novel.

Stephanie Olivieri: Finish a chapter and book outline for my book on dialogue, and send out some queries.

Beth Davis Cato: Heavily revise a story.

Sarah Myers: Since the teenagers will be back in school this week, revise, revise, revise!!

Benjamin Timmins: Finish my novel hopefully

Barbara Sievers: Finish edits on 4.6. Today, start on chapter 5, Hand both 4.6. and 5.1. over on Friday.

Marisa Wikramanayake: Finish off the backlog of science articles I have? That would be lovely. Also write a chapter for a thesis.

Marisa Wikramanayake: No concrete goals as in word counts but more work on the novel, more articles finished, a manual finished as well? by Friday? If I don’t die doing it?

Stephanie Horsley: Writing goals this week = sketch out idea for sitcom spec script, identify and classify characters in original drama idea, 3 pages written for novel.

Jennifer Darlington: My goal this week is to write anything! Even one sentence.

Beth Davis Cato: Edit the rough draft story I just finished and return a revised story to an editor.

Sherry L. Cook: The only thing I’ll be writing this week is my blog if I’m lucky and a giant “to do” list! My daughter is getting married on the beach Sat.

Lisa Blevins: Just going to try and post to the blog once a day

Penny Epel: Get out of the low-energy writing funk I’ve been in and work on my rewrites. I’m 3 months post-knee replacement surgery & although the doc warned me of lack of energy for up to six months – enough already! My knee is great! I need to rewrite a minimum of 100 pages…..I shall persevere!

Warren Paul Glover: Make some headway on the first draft of a political drama.

Benjamin Timmins: To finish first 3rd of new book Im writing, and to finish at least half the of the editing of the book I just finished the 1st draft of.

Stephanie Olivieri: September? Well since I’m moving, and starting a new day job-I guess just get more writing assignments for the children’s apps and work on my new screenplay if I have time. The biggest goal is to format and get Four Seconds onto Kindle!


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  2. Jeremie Guy 10 years ago

    Finish editing my novel by reading the entire thing out loud…without yawning.

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  4. Emily Krauser 10 years ago

    Write my blog for the last round of chemo & finish a character study so I feel confident to get started on a novel.

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