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Here are some of the (more than 40) goals posted last month.

Audrey Paulduro Doing more work in the garden and in my log book for my plants!!! Yay!!! Researched canary bird vine seeds and now I know how to prepare them. I love life!!!

Nancy Loughlin Write something, anything. A single sentence. Anything to break the dam in my head. I can’t create when emotionally traumatized.

Sandra Amos My goal this week is to continue going forward with my book instead of thinking too much x

Daniel Escurel Occeno To read and reread and reread a novel previously written and even while I wait for Supergirl on JACK TV at 3 p.m. Philippines Time Zone so I do not have to stay up just to watch it.

Audrey Paulduro Fingers crossed that I don’t get called into work…go to the library with my mom 🙂

Razan Jahjah Teach the young Syrian refugees how to embrace the books

Lois Paige Simenson Rewrite and finalize my query letter for June writer’s conference.

KristaLyn Montrose Working on revisions for another story

Elaina Thomas Start on this first chapter!

Beth McGee Just write.

Joe Giambrone Smack idiots upside the head.

Daniel Escurel Occeno To prepare my first full-length novel for self-publication into an eBook – “Fire Extinguisher Man!”. It could take weeks. It is the beginning of many more already written.

Tracy Gerhardt-Cooper I plan to research about blogging /writing as a freelancer and attempt to write a up a block schedule for this coming week that incorporates work, family and writing. I’m finding that work really gets in the way of my personal writing pursuits. ?

T.D. Dixon I’m going to seriously try and break away for at least a week. Rest and relaxation is also a form of productivity when you’ve been kicking ass. #Truestory

HoàngChi Smith Professional review submissions, write at least one blog, mail and deliver books to schools, bookstores, buyers and Goodreads winners. Press release and Sale sheets, something I need to learn to do!

Beth McGee Finish formatting new website for NPO I’m working with. Finish reading my journals and capturing snippets to include in my book. Only about 10 more years worth to go!

Joe Giambrone 1. Survive the unfolding apocalypse. 2. What was the question?

Larissa Merriman Finish the rewrite for my short film by Thursday so I will be read aloud on Thursday. pick a platform for my website. I’ve put it off long enough.

Lois Paige Simenson Finish a 2500-word short story for a local writing contest, then back to novel revision.

Alisha Vincent Finish and submit a short story for an anthology.

Raquel S. Lettsome Finish the reading for chapter 1 of my book

Tom Walsh To be ready for edits!

KristaLyn Montrose Edits!

Monique Goosen Trying to get my website up….. finally…

Sandra Amos I’m going to get organised to get my autobiography written x

Aswatha Man Survive !

Lois Paige Simenson Earlier I said I wanted to rewrite and revise the first 3 chapters of my novel. But I keep putting carts before horses. My writing area is a disorganized, chaotic clustermess. Who am I kidding, I have to get my ducks in a row …

Beth McGee Write 2k words in my wip. Map out a new website for a NPO I serve, which will include many rewrites. Develop a fundraising appeal letter for the same organization. Finish reading team building book and notes. (I’m reading this book to prep for a possible run for a higher office in Nov. I’m part of a fairly dysfunctional Board, and some better facilitating and team development could really make it a productive group.

Daniel Escurel Occeno I am waiting to watch Supergirl when I saw this. My goal is to self-publish my own female super hero, White Spiritu. Some might say that it is not a super hero because to be a super hero a traumatic event must cause a reason to have super abilities. Maybe it is a Topical Fantasy since she has no super powers.

Alisha Vincent Finish a short story for an anthology.

Rod A. White ghostwrite 1k wd article for Forbes (today), continue ghostwriting memoirs for a client (expanding word count), 5k more wds on my WIP

Lois Paige Simenson Write my query letter and get it into submission shape before a Writer’s Conference I’m attending in June.

Daniel Escurel Occeno To complete my goal from last week.

Damon Maultsaid Writing a promo piece for a new track. A great track too with a lot of depth and meaning… to do it justice will be a task–one I’m looking forward to.

Rod A. White Wrap up final edits of memoir project I’m ghostwriting for a client; work on writing additions & edits of another ghostwriting memoir client project; write 8,000 words on my WIP; continue promoting my last novel released 19 April, and… drink beer.

Lael Braday 1. Finish typing in my 25 handwritten pages of my WIP and start my new schedule alternating writing and typing.
2. Kick off my St. Martin’s Press campaign by reading my new favorite author’s latest book so I can query her agent with love in my heart.
3. Learn how to most effectively use my social media sites for writerly purposes.
4. Transform all 3 (or at least 1!) blog ideas into full-blown blog posts.
5. Be patient and compassionate Friday with my sub class of PK kids, because I can nap before the hubby gets home

Kristyn Casey Finish plot development! Then on to finalizing character development 🙂 My first novel, so wish me luck!

Daniel Escurel Occeno Same as last week to self-publish First Time Traveling Machine novelette to an eBook. I have some minor details to deal with so I might be able to self-publish my novelette White Spiritu also before the week is over with.

T.D. Dixon Script analysis for one client, more pages to pound out on a ghost writing gig and vlog.

Jonathan Lazar Lots of individual and daily goals to keep me on track with life (i.e. Writing, school work, work, and social life)!

Rachel Carvalho Just to write period. Mind blocked and uninspired this week ugh

Audrey Paulduro Need to do some outlines for some ideas I have for stories. Get focused!!

Michael Scott Start something new.

Ken Casey Hand writing 2,000 garden plant labels.

Daniel Escurel Occeno To self-publish already written works into an eBook for eBook store.



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