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Here are the goals posted on the Facebook Page and in the Group in April.

Destiny Pifer To edit my novel as I just had an agent write asking me to send in the first three chapters and synopisis which gives me hope.

Pam Martin I need to finish 13 chapters by Saturday to get the book to the publisher by the date I promised.

Liza Blake-Writer (1) Find 3 sample contracts for an anthology (short stories). Does anyone have a good contract to share?? (2) Find 5 Facebook groups (or any online group) to participate in that are for READERS of paranormal fiction.  (3) Find a book (or short story or flash fiction) to read that has a good twist. I want to be surprised, or go “Oh sh*!” Any suggestions? This is the last (of my 3 goals for the week).

Christy Jackson Nicholas My first draft of my latest WIP is done, so now it’s editing, editing, editing! And approving cover art for the book coming out in July

Erin R. Smith Writing, writing, writing, and acting class this week.

Daniel Escurel Occeno To go back finalizing my novel for publication on ebook.

Morgan Mason Editing a short story and continuing work on the fourth or fifth version of my WIP… I’ve lost count.

Heather Geoffries I’m pretty rusty. I’ve written loads of academic papers over the last few years, but writing for fun has been hit or miss. I think I’ll start small–like getting back into exercising. Maybe 30 min. a day?

Kamel Ben Writing and walk

Linda Bockenkamp Lmt Researching MFA’s. Has anyone attended Wilkes?

Susanne Dunlap Finishing my rewrite, dammit!

Devorah Cutler-Rubenstein Write every day for two hours. Complete a draft of one project. Complete a website shoot…/notes; deck for another project. Eat well and take time to host my creative consciousness in stillness… honor the musing of my muses. xo

Liz H. Kelly Launch new Goody PR website – stay tuned! Almost there.

Lois Paige Simenson Give a presentation to my writers group on the Erma Bombeck workshop. Revise my synopsis and get back on track with chapter revisions.

Sherry Sheridan Hayes-Peirce Start building PowerPoint presentation for my June Speaking engagement!

Aadip Desai Finish outline of spec today and start writing the script to finish by Tuesday. Rewrite pilot.

Daniel Escurel Occeno I was sent this => “The reason why pages read have not increased for your books is due to lack of visibility.” I have Kindle Unlimited on Amazon, which means, that I let anyone with access to read for free my ebooks. “Zero” has read any of my works sin…See More

Pam Bartlett Martin Try to write something every day.

Kristyn Casey To incorporate the new ideas into the outline. It was missing a few sparks and I figured them out

ShainaNjustin Robinson Hoping to get our writing website up and running this week!

Tammie Tarell …to write 500 words per day. No more procrastinating.

Lois Paige Simenson My editor doesn’t like my heroine. Neither does my critter group. Back to my character bible to redesign her. Gonna make her FUNNY, instead of rude and sarcastic. Didn’t mean to do that, she just jumped on the page that way. Goal: Make my protag funny. Somehow.

Young Sung Hero To finish my 10 page script

Dara Carr I want to get my two new blogs up.

Galit Gurman To qualify for boston

J Blair Brown Developing my marketing kit to introduce myself to decision makers of my target audience. Seguing into PUBLIC SPEAKING! Starting with non-profits first and then corporations. SO EXCITED!

Eric Plaut Finishing up a book in the next two weeks then getting an editor, agent and publisher!

Ellie Kahn propose my articles SOMEWHERE!!!

Beth McGee Learning to filibuster.

Daniel Escurel Occeno Force myself to get my self-publishing on ebooks done. But jot to write on new novels as well.

Deb Stephen Delgado Write a letter to a friend

Destiny Pifer To finish the western story I am writing and get it submitted by the deadline which is this Saturday.

Lyssa Foster To actually sit in front of a computer and spend at least one hour writing! I’ve even wrestling with a busy schedule and anxiety, so even this will be huge for me

Jonathan Westbrook Ugh! I just had to video myself giving a 3 minute elevator pitch for an online screenwriting competition. I just want to write them, I don’t want to have to sell them too. Grr!

Estella Pirrip To write meaningful fillers between chapters to get past my 45,000 word slump. #WriteOn

Monique Goosen Please give me your honest opinions… this is my First Edition…/docs/sce_autumn_2018fin

Joe Giambrone Build a nuclear bunker.

Wonda Riddick to finish chapter three

Josephine Traynor Get my novel ready to send to my editor

Donna Lee Reed A poem a day-ish.

Stacy A. Alderman Submit to several contests!

Julia Pryor Motivation Motivation where art thou…..

J Blair Brown Start back at the gym. Mind and body workout makes for great creativity!

ShainaNjustin Robinson Posted 2 poems on my page already (everyone is welcome to read those and let me know if you like them!), hoping to post at least 2 more by the end of the week. Never let anyone read my work before, so I’m eager to finally get it out there!

Erin R. Smith To begin my personal narrative essay.

Lois Paige Simenson Start a short story using my hotel in Nola as a setting

Shannon Luders-Manuel Finish Chapter 8 of my book.

Brooks Wachtel Finish the next stage of my new novel’s outline and get it to my editor.

Lois Paige Simenson Write 2 elevator pitches, one for each novel, then pitch them at a speed dating session at the Bombeck workshop

Christy Jackson Nicholas I’m 20,000 words from the end of my novel – I aim for 10,000 words this week! Also, I’ve a release coming out tomorrow (Misfortune of Song), so I want to have fun with that. Release party on Friday! #amwriting #newrelease

Daniel Escurel Occeno I will make it simple for myself so I will achieve it. I will generalize. My goal is to get some work done. It could be anything from promotion of already published or to look at one of my already finished novels, which needs, to be self-published.

Larissa Merriman Find music for my film. I need 2.5 mins of background and it’s starting to wear me out.

Kindra Silk Kreislers Friday thru Sunday: Slow down. Write in my pockets of time. Do Writing Down the Bones’ exercises, research, and start with the Writer’s Prayer.

Robbi Hess To have an amazing time at the Erma bombeck conference!

Joe Giambrone Survive the Idiocracy.

Chris Mackey 2 interviews,tweak a script,review another movie

Janet Gervers to post a goal!

Bill Kelly I’m hoping to get another couple of thousand words written. I think I got there last week.

ShainaNjustin Robinson We are just really hoping to finish a first draft. then, the joys of editing!

Jonathan Ryan Pongratz Continue revising my beta as comments populate and continue plotting out my second book.

Julia Pryor To stop procrastinating and proceed into becoming a freelance writer.

Heather Geoffries To write at least 30 min each day this busy week

Pamela Volpe Finish poem about making dinner….

Terry Hiner Do an interview for my book on Thursday. Find my missing cats who escaped while we were visiting family last weekend. I miss my babies. Pack for my research trip to Ireland which starts next Tuesday.

Maria Class My goal is to finish this last article for my current client so that I can move onto another project. I’m looking forward to researching and writing on a new topic.

Rebecca Charlton McCulloch I’m doing a 10-minute daily writing challenge to get back into the writing groove

Tracy Gerhardt-Cooper Finish a review I’m doing for a tea company and post to my blog. Follow up on an estimate for my first big freelance job. Get away for four days with my Hubs. Life is good.

Alison Jovcevski Baillargeon Sit down with the intention of writing. Life has been so crazy lately that this small goal would be an accomplishment this week.

Karl Sander It’s my first week “full time” as I wind down my first career. I’m going to reconnect with a client I worked with a lot while I was moonlighting and see what opportunities they have. I’m going to post (technically repost, but I understand that’s Ok) to Medium, where I’ve been a reading-only member till now, but am looking forward to expanding my audience. I’m sending in a “trial piece” to a new market; it’s ‘volunteer,’ but on a topic I really enjoy and kind of think of it as “hobby” writing, but with the opportunity for additional bylines. And I’ll be working this month from a “co-working” site so I’ll take advantage of the opportunity to meet and network with local entrepreneurs, small businesses and freelancers.

Isobel Duncan I’ve almost finished my friend’s novel. Then I can move on to the final draft!

Sandra de Helen Write a new essay.

Alan Paine Submit manuscript for review at online bookclub. At $97, what should I expect?

Sherry Sheridan Hayes-Peirce Reach out to 20 prospects for speaking opportunities!

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