Why blog? To position yourself as an expert!

Why take part in Social Networking? See above.

Having an online presence is essential to social and live networking! If someone needs an expert with your skills, you want to be the first one who comes to mind.

How to get started? Have an idea, a vision, and a plan!

I will be talking the why and how of Blogging and Social Networking on the Write Now! Mastermind Call with host Rochelle Melander this Wednesday, March 24, at 10 am PDT. For details and to sign-up, check the website.

It’s a great sneak peek into my blogging and social networking workshop, especially for those who live outside of Los Angeles.

Need more info on live networking? Read my guest post on the topic here.

For the more advanced blogger, read the March Moving Write Along: Advice from the Experts – Increasing Your Blog’s Readership post by Linda Fulkerson, The Ultimate Guide to Blogging Well.



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