Last week’s Purple Pencil Adventure was to write a bio. A bio is something all writers should have, whether it’s for a blog or website, byline, query/cover letter, book proposal, workshop flyer, pitch, book jacket cover.

Want to re-work your bio? Here are some writing exercises to help you out:

1. Write, Don’t Think: Read your current bio. Put it aside. and rewrite it using free-writing/stream of consciousness.

2. Talk Your Bio. Either to a friend or to an audio recorder. Of, if you have just returned from a networking event, much of your experience may be on the top of your head—write it down!

3. Interview. Ask your friends and former co-workers about your strengths and accomplishments, and see how they see you.

Then, read, re-write, revise, read, polish, repeat.

Make sure it is written in your tone and style, because, like with a query, that is what you are promoting. Every bio is different, just as every writer is different. The point is to have fun, and let your personality come through your words.

If you have any bio-writing tips, please share in the comments section below. Happy Writing!

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  1. Jenifer Aguilar 10 years ago

    Great tips, Debra. Will surely use these ideas. I definitely agree with your points, especially the first one. We were all raised up to edit while we write. Happy to have started to minimize such very limiting habit. Thanks!


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