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  1. Robin Chappell 12 years ago

    I’m working on finishing two of my novels for completion by August 15 (from the previusly completed scripts “Sometimes…” and “shadows and Light”). And hope to see you all tomorrow night, (if I can kick the crud sufficiently).

  2. Linda Arroz 12 years ago

    August writing goals are to keep both blogs current and to send out several mag. article queries.

  3. Meredith Simonds 12 years ago

    Wow, I make lists all the time, but never ones consisting of writing goals only. Hope this helps!

    August goals are to:

    – Transfer my new screenplay, “Love and Law,” from index cards to more fleshed-out treatment/outline format

    – Write three new blog posts a week for my website, FlutteringIvy.com

    – Write content for my new main website so I can have a central hub for pointing peeps at all the sites I’m involved with

    Btw, something has come up and I can’t make the meeting tonight. Is it once a month?

  4. Debra Eckerling 12 years ago

    Great goals! Keep ’em coming!

    Meredith, the next meeting is August 11. We meet on the 2nd Wednesday of the month in Santa Monica, unless otherwise indicated. The next meeting is listed in the current newsletter.

  5. Laurie 12 years ago

    1. Write at least one chapter.

    2. Finish all schoolwork (it’s due on the 13th).

    3. Stick to a diet and exercise routine.

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  7. Tyler Weaver 12 years ago

    Goals for August:

    – Finish the first draft of my new project, “Whiz!Bam!Pow!”
    – Solve the pesky “job” issue.
    – Pen more “Multi-Hyphenate” (http://multi-hyphenate.com) articles & bring in other talented folks to guest.
    – Expand my cooking vocabulary (eating is wonderful).

  8. Alex Willging 12 years ago

    My goals for August are to establish a consistent writing schedule and put a solid dent in my fantasy manuscript.

  9. Debra Eckerling 12 years ago

    Someone called me out on not posting my goals, so here they are:

    – Get 10 new coaching clients

    – Finish book proposal

  10. P.I. Barrington 12 years ago

    Here we go:
    Goal #1:
    Button Hollow Chronicles #1:The Leaf Peeper Murders, a mystery I co-authored with my sister Loni Emmert, will be released August 1 and on August 21, we have the official book launch at Vroman’s Books in Pasadena!

    Goal number #2: Work on Book Three Future Imperfect: Final Deceit to meet October deadline.

    Goal 3: Begin work on new crime thriller suspense (again, near future set in California instead of Las Vegas this time!)


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