How high is your Screenwriting IQ? Take this quiz and find out how much you know about the business of screenwriting.

True or False

1. The average selling price of a spec screenplay is between $500,000 and $1,000,000.

That’s false. The average sale price is usually in the low six figures.

2. Formatting a screenplay correctly is less important than the material itself.

False. Incorrect formatting, spelling, and punctuation will send your script to the recycling bin unread.

3. It is permissible to read your pitch to the listener.

False. Never, ever read your pitch. Make eye contact and establish rapport with your listener.

4. A treatment shouldn’t contain any dialogue and should be double spaced.

That’s true.

5. Studio executives are the first people you should pitch your material to.

False. Don’t waste your time pitching to studio executives. Pitch to producers and production companies instead.

6. Always include your resume with your query letter.

False. Never include a resume with a query letter. Your query should be no longer than one page.

7. Managers cannot negotiate a deal for their clients.

True. Managers are not licensed and must use the services of an entertainment attorney or an agent to negotiate a deal.

8. The William Morris/Endeavor Agency, ICM, and CAA are the first places writers should go to seek representation.

False. There are way too big. You should try the smaller to medium sized agencies.

9. Writers trying to sell their scripts shouldn’t ask to produce, direct, or star in their film.

True. Don’t make it easier for them to say no.

10. It’s safe to send your material to companies that are not listed in the Hollywood Creative Directory.

False. Many people pass themselves off as producers. If they are not listed in the directory, don’t send them your material.

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