The May Write On Online Meeting featured freelance writer and Blog Talk Radio host J Blair Brown. If you missed the show you can listen here.

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According to J Blair Brown, it’s imperative for writers to (at least) do these three things to advance your career:
1. Identify your audience. Otherwise you’re ‘writing just to write,’ which isn’t of benefit to many. By identifying your audience, your writing becomes more focused and the quality is improved.
2. Strategize! Your business cannot grow to its potential without a definite strategy in place.
3. Strive to benefit others. In this scenario everyone wins! By focusing on people outside of yourself, you will attract people to you and get more clients/readers. This is essential for  any successful business.

For more of Juice’s tips, listen to the show.

Listen to J Blair Brown’s interview with me on her Blog Talk Radio show.

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Thanks, by Michael Lee, author of My Frankenstein, for calling in to the show. Read Michael’s guest column on What Writers Can Learn from Actors.

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