How high is your Screenwriting IQ? Take this quiz and find out how much you know about the business of screenwriting.

True or False

1. The standard steps for organizing and writing a screenplay is logline, outline, treatment, and then screenplay.


2. The term for the amount of money a screenwriter should be paid based on his or her previous credits is called “a quote.”

That’s true.

3. A film can only fit into one genre category.

False. The movie Splash can be considered a comedy or a fantasy film.

4. If you have “a big reveal” in your story you should give it away in your logline or one sheet.

False. Save it for when they read the screenplay for maximum impact.

5. Some protagonists do not go through a character arc.

True. Popeye Doyle doesn’t in French Connection, James Bond doesn’t in any of his films and Michael Corleone doesn’t in Godfather 2.

6. The executive producer is usually responsible for getting the financing.


7. An outline is around ten pages.

False. It’s generally three pages, one page per Act.

8. Dramas are idea driven rather than plot driven.

False. Dramas are plot driven and that’s why they can’t be pitched well.

9. You should send a company material they usually don’t do in the hopes that they’ll try something different.


10. You should put your email address on your cover page along with your other contact information.

True. The trend these days is to contact writers by email regarding their material.

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