Happy New Year, Writers! Time to set your 2014 Goals.

Where do you want to be personally and professionally by the beginning of next year? What do you need to do to get there?

Set at least one – but I recommend three to five – personal AND professional goals for this year. Make them attainable: not too easy or too difficult. Remember to look at your goals on a regular – if not daily – basis. We set goals because it’s important to know what we are working towards in order to get there.

Please post your Goals for 2014 in the comment section below.

Good luck. Best of luck in the new year! Write on!


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  1. Author
    Debra Eckerling 8 years ago

    These two were posted on the Write On Facebook page:

    Mary Garcia At least one page a day. In other words be consistent.

    Larissa Merriman Finish the final drafts of both my novels before starting new writing projects!

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