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Here are the goals posted on the Facebook Page and in the Group in December.

Tabitha Baumander survive the holidays

Valerie Doherty Finish a first draft of a children’s book and edit flash fiction.

Vivienne Bretherick I have two creative nonfiction pieces to edit and I want to research on submitting writing for magazines.

Daniel Escurel Occeno To continue in updating new covers for my ebooks. Maligayang Pasko – Merry Christmas!

Audrey Paulduro Really want to get a few more chapters down in my novel. Had a chance to connect with a nice fellow from a publishing company. Maybe that’s what sparked for me…

Jim Katzaman I just submitted a story for publication. Holidays being what they are, it might get posted by Friday.

Kevin Wilkerson To get more page views on all of PubClub’s New Year’s Eve posts! While balancing time with the family, which is very important.

Sarah Glenn I need to get back to writing now that holiday disarray has passed. I’ve about figured how this next scene should go.

Sherry Sheridan Hayes-Peirce Wow! I have the Full Focus Planner with a week’s worth of blank pages, but filling them in today. My biggest goal is to prepare for the end of the year and establish new goals for 2019. I plan to update my website with blogs from November, December and January. Schedule all my social media posts during the first two weeks of January for two clients by New Year’s eve. Promote my appearances slated for the first quarter of the year. Work on my presentations for two upcoming events. Meet with a new CPA and book all of our travel for the year. I’m so tired!!!

Daniel Escurel Occeno To continue in updating new covers for my self-published ebooks.

Joe Giambrone Endure the rain. Write some music. Start my kid book. Mail present to mom. Ignore unhinged, alcoholic roommate. Pump iron.

E.M. Shue 3k

Michele Miles Gardiner Finish my book cover. The front is done, now on to the spine and back cover.

Tabitha Baumander ok I just finished proofing a book I need to get it up and going on amazon. (more to the point I just told myself its as good as its going to be and I cant see it anymore so publish the bloody thing) Beyond that I think that I want to publish my novellas in paper and call them short reads.

Vivienne Bretherick Sent another short story off to my critique partner, received her piece which I have been critiquing. Researched ideas on how to end a short story and found some excellent suggestions to try with my writing. Finished completing the edits on an essay which was returned from competition with a positive critique and suggestion to resubmit. Lots of editing, rewrites and research this week.

Duane Collins Simply keep writing.

Christy Jackson Nicholas First round edits for my newly completed draft

Justine Alley Dowsett All I have left of my first draft is to write the prologue. I intend to write it tonight!

Lois Paige Simenson Finish an article for Alaska Magazine.

Pam Martin I’m planning to finish a short story/novella (not sure how long it will end up yet), do Round 2 edits on a cozy mystery, and find time everyday to encourage at least one person. As I read through my news feed this morning, I realized that a lot of folks are either discouraged or just plain tired; I can’t do much, but I can say something supportive — so I decided to be more mindful of doing it between now and Christmas!

Tom Moser Just going chapter by chapter and sometimes back again. I’m mostly style-polishing, but also fixing a few minor story points. Got a new remote writing device so I’m no longer tethered to my workstation for writing, which has helped tremendously.

Candy Neely Arrington Write my blog content for next week so Christmas week is calm.

Lois Paige Simenson Kill 25,000 little darlings to enter unpublished novel in RWA Golden Heart contest.

Ken Verma Write a few good lines daily

Ellie French Finish the rewrites for the last three chapters of my WIP

Deborah Lyn Stanley Upload the set up for my new book in Scrivener.

Duane Collins Clean up my short story some more.

Daniel Escurel Occeno To finish a new Christmas short story and self-publish the document on eBook.

Christy Jackson Nicholas I’m hoping a total of 15,000 in on my WIP this week, ending Friday I’m 2/3 through the story, so the end is in sight! I’ve already done about 9,700 so far this week.

Brian Leggett Trying to finish reading my current book before the year is over. I only have 2 chapters left to read. I want to start a new book next year.

Sarah Glenn To get the rest of the WIP into order so I can pass it over to my co-writer. If she’s not up to working with it, next week’s goal may be me writing new scenes.

Bill Kelly If I can get through another couple of thousand words, I’ll be happy.

E.M. Shue New website up and going. 1000 words.

Sarah Glenn To get the rest of the WIP into order so I can pass it over to my co-writer. If she’s not up to working with it, next week’s goal may be me writing new scenes.

Tracy Gerhardt-Cooper Get content written for my weekly blog and end-of-month newsletter. Finalize My One Word for 2019 and get goal-setting for next year. For those who are unfamiliar, check out the site.

Daniel Escurel Occeno Go back to self-publishing on ebooks.

Bill Kelly I hope to make a bit of progress on the book. I had done a bit of technical writing last week.

E.M. Shue Just sit down and write after I do my Christmas cards

Kristi Goldsworthy Piziks Write 3 pages.

Duane Collins Continue working on cleaning up a short story.

Lois Paige Simenson Write story for local newspaper about earthquake recovery.

April Maye This week I’m focused on organization– personally and professionally. There’s always writing. #writeon

Warren Paul Glover Write a ten-minute short play. And maybe a poem.

Sarah Glenn I’m testing out what it would feel like to have all day to write and edit. Self discipline is not my strong suit.

Daniel Escurel Occeno To go back self-publishing ebooks with new covers like Maligayang Pasko and A Shinee White Christmas before Christmas Eve.

Kristi Goldsworthy Piziks To FINALLY start this novel and get 50 pages written.



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