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Here are the goals posted on the Facebook Page and in the Group in August.

Nikki Prince Continuing with my edits so I can get them turned in to my publisher. Also to finish a grad school paper before Sunday the first.

Bill Kelly I’m hoping for another five to ten thousand words.

Susan Bowman I’m going to send that letter to my publisher regardless of how nervous I am that he’ll say no for the third time to my request for a re-publication date.

Daniel Escurel Occeno To do my monthly goal. Last week to achieve it. I hope it does not carry over to next month.

John Daniels Write a chapter which bridges the plot of my abandoned novel from years ago into the beginning scenes of a story I’m currently working on.

Destiny Pifer I am working on a horror story that I hope I can finish by the Saturday deadline.

Karen Hemmerle To be okay with having to delay my screenplay delivery by a week because I got hurt Sat night and my right shoulder, arm, and ribcage hurt like allllll the bad words. … Goal 2: Learn to type better with only my left hand.

Robert Szeles Finish the first revision of a new Rogues of Merth story, push along the first draft of another story to the point where I know it’s going to make a complete story.

Daree Allen Nieves Writing goals are to continue writing presentation for my speaking engagement and complete the last interview for my article. Sep is going to be hella busy for me and I’m trying to tie up loose ends and get a jumpstart.

Tom Moser Flesh out my outline for a new book. More submissions.

Lois Paige Simenson Entered 7 contests for feedback, so taking a break from revising to go live life on a trip to Eastern Europe for next 2 weeks. Goals are to write in my travel journal to use for another book in my travel series 

Nita Sweeney Schedule my NM trip. So many moving parts!

Nikki Prince Working on my edits and grad paper …lol so much the same

Daniel Escurel Occeno To continue on setting up my novel for self-publication on an ebook.

Christy Jackson Nicholas I’m just getting into a new WIP, so I hope to get 10,000 words in. Also, I need to edit my audio files for my first audio book. Quality control came back with a few edits.

Wajdi Luigi Bugattas I really hope to write five hundreds words….

Deborah Lyn Stanley Final and post three articles. 

Destiny Pifer I want to start writing more then just a Drabbles but it’s so hard because my son won’t let me write. He’s very attention seeking.

Bill Kelly I’m hoping to get back to the five to ten thousand word pace. I’m writing a bit right now and taking a break to look at Facebook. I’m still having a bad time physically and emotionally, but at least I’m making a little progress.

Tom Moser More queries for my 1st novel. Also started the outline on a new book, so fleshing that out is my other goal.

Nita Sweeney Working my way through the “to-do list.” It’s mean, cruel, and it doesn’t like me. 

Daree Allen Nieves Excited to interview a woman I share a name with (not related to me) for a podcast and article I’m writing.

Nikki Prince Get more edits done

Sam Beasley Book one reading and reach out to two more sites. Send books to two interview opportunities and to two Unity churches with requests for speaking opportunities.

Deborah Lyn Stanley Get three articles posted 

Stephanie Olivieri Bourbon Finally got my new computer sorted and my MacBookPro working for video editing so my writing goals are to start my revisions again.

Lois Paige Simenson Keep slogging away on revision.

Sara DeBord Finish reading my last edit before upload to kdp

Daniel Escurel Occeno To continue my monthly goal for August.

Bill Kelly As always, I hope to get about five to ten thousand words on the main book.

Tatiana Noelle Oquendo I’m trying to get my groove back, so my goal is to edit for one hour a day, at least.

Tom Moser Query submissions started yesterday so I’m going to keep doing that. It’s tedious work but I’ve already gotten two manuscript requests, so that’s hopeful!

Sarah Glenn Finish edits to ebook, possibly work on print version of WIP. Answer queries from authors. Do all this while the drama llama cavorts with the family.

Karen Hemmerle Keep working on my screenplay which is due Aug 28. It’s a superhero origin story about a 37 year old female professor who becomes a literal superhero and saves humanity. It’s exciting without being violent. No boys beating each other up.

Nita Sweeney Wrangling a guest blog post to the ground!!!

Mark Morgan Finish pitch doc to get to CAA

J Blair Brown Suddenly have FOUR clients that I’m now writing and creating strategies for. And I seriously don’t know how this happened (but I ain’t complainin’)!

Rain Winchester I’m trying to be gentle with a target of a thousand words this week.

Pam Martin 5K on my WIP and continue the 5-minute writing prompt response first thing each morning.

Felicia French Working toward a minimum of 75k words for an open submission at a publishing house. I’m at 20k. I would like to add another 10k by the end of the day. The deadline is 15 Sep.

Daniel Escurel Occeno Continue on with my goal for August.

Susan Bowman To hire a freelancer to do SEO and social media marketing.

Daniel Sanchez To entertain the world with my flash fiction…

Destiny Pifer To just sit down and write something. Even if it’s a short story. Just want to write something.

Bill Kelly I’m hoping for another five to ten thousand words on my main book. I wish my pace were a little faster, but that seems to be the practical goal.

Lois Paige Simenson Continue revision

Sam Beasley I want to complete a piece on the power of regularly saying “Thank You” to life for our experiences. I think it’s called “Go Heavy on the Thank You”

Nita Sweeney Picking up the thousand pound phone and actually calling (yes, the shock!) a bookstore every day (a staffer told me to) until I get a firm yes or no on an event.

Nikki Prince Need to get some edits done

Daniel Escurel Occeno To self-publish already written novels to an e-book while writing endings on WIPs.



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