Congratulations, Tabitha Baumander, February winner of a book from Michael Wiese Productions, for posting goals. Post March goals below.

You can also post goals for 2013.

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Here are the goals posted over the last month. How did everyone do?

Penny Epel Minimum of 500 new words a day, in February. Plus, researching Medieval Italy to continue.

Loren Kinsella Finish this doggone thing!

Wendie Tobin Site relaunch! Copy completed and “go live” by Tuesday.

Keith Johnson Finish the structure outline to my current feature by Thursday… 1st draft due to producers February 15th.

Zinarta Judea Write 1 hour per day. Prepare, outline, & structure for TV Pilot Drama script doing with TV Writer Chat

Warren Paul Glover Get back into writing after the holidays.

Tabitha Baumander I labled a book finnished yesterday i guess the thing to do this week is find someplace to submit it to.

Megan Held, Author Type up 15,000 words of my novel Control Me and write 10 pages of my new novel.

Rebekah McClew I would like to finish 3 chapters this week and possibly think of a name for the current one I’m working on.

Warren Paul Glover Make some progress on the third draft of my rom-com.

Robin Chappell I decided last night while editing an excerpt to my first Screenplay, that it’s time to re-edit the entire thing. Gotten sufficiently far enough away from it to maybe finally be able to dive back in (also in the process of novelizing it, so this may help the ‘cross-platform’ editing process).

Andrea Helaine My main goal is to keep up with everything I have going on. I want to stay on top of my ScreenwritingU writing, esp since I start teaching again this week and start an online class for adult based ed.

Shannon Nicole Johnson This week I’ll finish chapter 3!

Aurora Campton Clark I’m planning on having my M&M spec revised by the 18th.

Loren Kinsella Finish something!

Alex Willging To finish my current story and get started on a serial fiction piece.

Martha Martin Locklear Stocks finish revamping story number 2A, so I can start on revamping story 3A.

Zinarta Judea Read 6 TV pilot scripts . 3 Character Driven Genre & 3 Event Stories Genre. That is genres I’m currently writing for TV Pilot Writing Program by TV Writer Chat

Bianca Estella del Cavallo Finish the script that is due on Wednesday.

Luis Gonzalez Continue to work on the writing for an animated short we are doing for our wedding.

Carrie Bailey Oh, about 10k words.

Loren Kinsella Finish this revision by Wednesday.

Tabitha Baumander keep proofing the book I”ve already started proofing so that by the end of the month I can have ALL of the books that I managed to get over 80k words out and submitted somewhere

Hari Haran I lack discipline. Yet to finish d treatment of a short.

Christine Marsh Finish concept, characters, and outline for new TV pilot. Finish teaser script and storyboard for new docu-reality series.

Tiff’s EditingCafe Complete weekly blog entry…continue writing project…update my email listing…

Sarah Myers Finish the short due soon and get back to rewrites also due fairly soon

Dorothy Dreyer I need to get to 35K on my sequel by the weekend.

Steven Gilmer Finishing a short film I working on!

Barbara Tubbs Hill My book is no available on Kindle and I’m working on a class presentation for the material. Lots of work to get done.

Susanna Speier (1) Pitches and article for a new new client (2) Resume update (3) Slideshow portfolio update — do those all count even though its not real writing/writing?

Tabitha Baumander keep working on the book I”m working on so I can submit it on the weekend or next week some time

Stephanie Provencal Finish editing my short story and submit it!

Beth Davis Cato I have so much to do… I’ll just state my goal is “survive.”

Alex Willging I want to write more flash fiction for my blog.

Colleen Irene Boag Finish writing episode 2 of my webseries!

Meryl S. Fortney Make it to chapter 30 and 50,000 words, at the very least.

Travelling Dietitian Get my physical proof back from the printers and give it the thumbs up so I can publish and release my book next week on Valentines Day! (wish me luck!)

Dave Bullis Get first 15 pages for my writing group deadline

Marisa Wikramanayake Work on book. Review book for Australian Women Writers, a few blog posts. Find paid work.

Diane Williams A complete outline for the Saucy Jack screenplay.

Tiff’s EditingCafe Post on my blog…reach out to 3 publishing companies inquiring about editing positions…make at least one entry per day to my writing project

Lisa Palmer To work on my Memoir!

Sherry L. Cook Post a few blogs and begin forming chapters for ebook

Beth Davis Cato Read 30-40,000 words of stories tomorrow; send out a new flash fic; novel research.

Robyne Renee Vickers To write another 5,000 words this week.

Lopez Melody To write my first 12 pages of my newly rebuilt screenplay based on my original story…


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