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Audrey Paulduro Set myself up to do a B2B course so I can earn a little extra cash on the side.. 🙂

Mduduzi Khoza This week I’m planning to go n watch a play called Fresh Footprint by Prof Wally Serote @Alex Tree Theatre (Gauteng) on thursday night 7pm to gain more skills n experience. Also to enjoy our local talent.

Megan Aronson Finishing editing and rewriting of my 4th chapter of my book (about 70% complete WIP) to share at my weekly writing critique group on Tuesday. Had a week off this week which worked out well because I needed extra time! And now it’s flowing!

Hayley Dory Glasson Research on Dawson, Georgia as it is one setting for one of my novels, and research more if to fairies and gardens for my second novel that I am working on

Beth McGee Edit a community project, upload for collaboration. Create a flow chart for support group facilitation. Keep writing my new book. ( why is my personal writing always last on my list)

Daniel Escurel Occeno To go back editing already written.

Hayley Dory Glasson Fingers crossed for another couple of 2hr writing sessions like today

Nickisha McClean-Parris Get a writing schedule that i’ll stick to

Daniel Escurel Occeno Try to get serious sleep and edit. Tired mind means tired editing.

Audrey Paulduro Holidays done, while waiting for cakes to bake, check out B2B crash course!! Lol!!

Bobbi Annicks Make a goals list 😉

Daniel Escurel Occeno Same as last week.

Cass Morris Get another quarter-way through my edits, which should keep me on track for my deadline!

Damon Maultsaid Tomorrow–‘Words for Wednesday’ on my facebook page… everyone welcome to check it. My page is set on ‘public view’ so see how we do it in Australia….

Hayley Dory Glasson lots of reading this week

Diana Curbelo Look pretty!!!

Daniel Escurel Occeno Should I be realistic? Same as last week.

Adam Scott Write write write

Elisa Fayknaym Two blog posts (one’s almost done, yay!), and if humanly possible, to finish my short story The Little White Frog on Wattpad to make it into the Wattys2016 by Aug. 31st! Barring my entry into the Wattys, I’d like to listen to two Guided Goals podcasts and finish the plot outline for my novel.

KrazyKaye Towne Focus on my portfolios, social accounts and wordpress portfolio. In between those things my goal for the week is to bid/apply for at least one gig a day more if I can find good ones. Love this question sets me on the right track and helps me remember my goals so I dont get side tracked!

Keianna Johnson Hello Everyone. My goal this week is to write an hour a day.

Jenn Martin-Ilo This will sound awful…but just to make it through alive! I do payroll for a living (English major doing payroll–go figure), and it’s time to figure out raises for folks. Crazy busy and just crazy crazy!!!

Hayley Dory Glasson started today with turning the writing tap on again, and getting another 5 pages written, and hopefully more to come, more reading and more writing 🙂

Rabiyya Ijaz Im going to write down my feature film character’s profile.

Daniel Escurel Occeno I plan to go back and edit already written.

Keianna Johnson I am angry with myself. My goal this week was to write for an hour a day but it didn’t happen ? but today I am going to do nothing but write. My kids started school this week and knocked me off my game.

Daniel Escurel Occeno My September goal is to write RABBIT, a short story. It is the introduction of RABBIT, a novel, to be written in November for NaNoWriMo. It is to get the mind churning to write it fast 2 months later.

Damon Maultsaid Unfortunately I couldn’t put up my ‘Words for Wednesday’ writing attack on my facebook page due to my computer ‘black-screening’ and losing a fair few words… was actually quite devastating at the time. But I grabbed the pen and paper and wrote on. My goal is to get my 6 month old computer fixed, it’s under warranty thankfully.

Keianna Johnson My goals for this month is to finish writing my preface, Introduction and Chapter 1 of my book. I have been writing every single day.

Hayley Dory Glasson Research for both novels and get stuck into to thick of writing the



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