Earlier this month, I did a Facebook Liveblogging, where I answered questions about blogging, offered recommendations for getting unstuck, and more. I also talked about the evolution of my blog from posting live meeting notifications and my newsletter to developing content, such as Author Q&As (and when and why I started them) and guest posts.

Blogging is an important part of your online identity, no matter what your expertise. Whenever you meet a potential reader, fan, or client, the first thing they’ll do is search for you online.  Use you blog to showcase you personality, background, and knowledge, in order to connect with new people and develop relationships. You never know where it could lead.

Some of the tips shared in the video:

Brainstorm a long, ongoing list of blog topics, as well as things you can post on social media

Create a wish list of people you can interview or invite to guest post.

Write rants and raves to get your writing engine going (you do not necessarily want to post these).

Watch the Live replay here:

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