GoalChatAm thrilled to announce the launch of Write On Online’s new Twitter Chat. #GoalChat will take place on Sunday nights at 7pm Pacific/10pm Eastern.

A Twitter chat is a conversation on Twitter, noted by a specific hashtag and revolving around a certain topic. In the case of #GoalChat, I will be holding office hours each week to answer your questions on goal-setting and productivity, as well as help you set goals and put yourself in a position for success.

Like the Write On Online Facebook page and group, this chat is for writers, creative, entrepreneurs, marketers, etc. It’s for anyone who wants to connect with others – and get encouragement, advice, and resources – as they strive to complete their personal and professional goals.

To participate, follow the hashtag #GoalChat on Twitter or use a tool, such as TweetChat. Also please follow @GoalChat and @WriteOnOnline on Twitter.

For more on Twitter chats, here’s an article I wrote on Twitter chat basics.

One of my goals this year is to create and launch more content. Well, this is step one. I look forward to tweeting with you. Thanks in advance for helping me achieve one of my goals. #WriteOn

What questions to you have about defining and achieving goals? Please post in the comments or tweet them to @GoalChat.



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