Congratulations to Alex Willging, February winner of an iScript, for posting goals on Write On! Online. Post your March Goals and be entered in the monthly drawing to win an iScript. (An iScript is a professionally recorded audio version of a screenplay or novel read by professional readers, similar to an audiobook.)

The February 9th Write On! Meeting will be on Blog Talk Radio at 12 pm Pacific/3 pm Eastern. The March meeting will be on Blog Talk Radio on March 9th.

Post March Goals in the comment section below. Thanks!


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  1. […] to Alex Willging, February winner of an iScript, for posting goals on Write On! Online. Post your March Goals and be entered in the monthly drawing to win an iScript. (An iScript is a professionally recorded […]

  2. This is a huge Goal, that not only encompasses March of 2011, but extends all the way through early August of 2012. It may also act as Inspiration for those who fall into ‘This Age Range’ and plan on doing MORE than the usual when it comes to Goal Setting. MyCOUNTDOWN is penned as an eMedia Release as I’m in the process of sending these out. Check it out IF you dare:


    Chicago, IL USA: February 9, 2011 was a big date in the life of those individuals who were born on Saturday, August 9, 1952. That was a long time ago – decades and found within that last century and millennium that we all pulled ourselves from about 10 years ago, but now, it’s even more momentous not only for the ones we’ve affected (on this trip called LIFE), but for ourselves because TODAY marks a Great Anniversary, one of the most unique in Humanity.

    In 1.5 years from today, some of us (as myself) will be 60 (sixty) years old – young. And, I for one – Leo-line in nature as I am, am looking with wide-eyed exuberance forward to that Date in passing Time. Too bad it will only be here for 24 hours – 8 of which I will probably sleep away.

    Not that I am going to discount the next year and a half and wait with abetted breath, anxious for that decade to turn as I and many other Leos enter our 7TH decade, but for the time till then, I will set things in order while also setting more Activities in motion via: Physical – Mental – Spiritual and Creative Endeavors. Today, that all begins with the unveiling of:

    Koopersmith’s Kountdown to 60™

    Back on July 11, 1994, I kicked off one of that century’s greatest Holidates called: 2000 DAYS BEFORE 2000 ©1993. Its premise was to do one new thing/task/activity a day so that by December 31, 1999, you could say you accomplished/did ‘2000 THINGS BEFORE 2000.’ It was a procrastinator’s charm, as the HOLIDATE got people mobilized to do things they ordinarily would not do. The media went wild with the Event, as it was universal in nature, as most of my Holidates are. With my Kountdown to 60™, that premise is in place, but its focus is more on ME and my intents and intentions, since no one knows me better than I do, having lived with me for this entire spell.

    By our 50s, most American Women are pretty much set in our ways. But most American Women are individualistic. There are those who choose The Family Route; those that have remained single and those that are now divorced. Never been married, other NEVERS in my life that have gotten me to this point are quite as interesting as:

    I have never smoked; drank, did drugs drove a car since 1978 (being one of the greenest people on the planet); never got pregnant; never was arrested, although I’ve been called ‘arresting’ in my looks.

    THE LAW OF NEVERS is what separates me from most others – the celebs who hide behind facades that only weaken their inner strengths. The Individuality I possess of which I am extremely proud is what separates me from the hordes of others; whereby so many others – namely trillions upon trillions of people since Time began who have been swayed by the Mobs that surround them and peer pressure that find it hard to stand on their own. That is probably the most attractive thing about a person – whether it is a man or woman: The ability to confront and be your Self and the best Self you can be.

    Integrity and standing for principles more important have always been consistently paramount in my life. Knowing I have done a great thing for myself, by saying NO to the temptations that surround us, in an economy that is lackluster and recessionary, if not downright depressionary, I have many great qualities, ideas and concepts to share, including my latest Creative and Humanitarian Project – 7 books and 7 movie scripts designed to ELIMINATE RACISM, called:

    SKiN: Sacred Kinship in Nature ™
    How 10 Beloved Plush Toys Redefine Race ©2009

    Aside from the other 1,899+ HOLIDATES that included my 2000 DAYS BEFORE 2000 ©1993 that gave me the titles of:

    America’s Premier Eventologist
    by Gene Koprowski of Insight Magazine –Washington, DC – August, 1997


    The Premier Eventologist in The History of The World
    by Eric Zorn of The Chicago Tribne– Chicago, IL – January, 2001

    via my blog, KOOPERSMITHin®, Twitter and Facebook Accounts, every Day I will be sharing what it is like to be approaching 60, without ever giving it a single thought to have plastic surgery; have some body part nipped and tucked and/or finding comfort and/or escape in a bottle of booze. This is my Story and Account of what Life has given me and via the Selections I have chosen to have GROWN UP KOOPERSMITH and to keep growing as ASK: ADRIENNE SIOUX KOOPERSMITH.

    For those interested in featuring me in their magazines and/or have this produced as a reality TV show, I welcome your queries and questions at:


    ASK’s NOTE: The above (as well as all significant future commentaries on the ART OF AGING WELL) has been posted at:


  3. Samantha Jane 11 years ago

    I have a few goals for March.
    I need to proof Novel #1 and find a way to cut thirty or so pages(or 10,000 words) from it, even though I believe that all of the words currently included are very important(Lose the EGO!!!)
    Finish and Edit and submit my first short story;(I’ve just got to get SOMETHING out in the world, so my style can be seen and critiqued)
    Outline the next 20 Chapters of Novel #2. The first 21 are ready to go, but I just have to dump it all on a page so I can see where I need to be going with this one;
    Start to input Novel #3, ;
    research maps of historical England to start plotting Novel #4. Well, the scenes for #4 are coming to the surface. They just need to be dumped as well.

    I’ve been neglecting my Twitter feed, my Tumblr blog, and other such sites(due to people in my personal life trying to bring me down), so I need to make a strong reappearance there.
    Tv is one of my major passions, so I would like to start a blog where I review and make known my opinions on new and old tv shows, movies, music, etc.

    I’ve got a LOT going on. This is the tiniest example. I have SO got something to look forward to!

    (I will be linking below to one of my older blogs that I’m not sure fits anymore, but is still there b/c I just CAN’T let that part of me go. The blog is called The Rehab Lounge–it doesn’t have anything to do w/drug or alcohol rehab, just a general rehab on life that inspired TRL Spin-offs)
    PS Thanks SO much for the interview w/Anne Lower this week! I went to college w/her and haven’t heard her voice in a very long time)

    Nah. I’m not going to be busy.

  4. Diane Williams 11 years ago

    Thanks to the revelation of multiple inciting incidents in Last Road to Perdition (and likely other films) by Annie Lower, I can push on and write my script the way the story plays out because there are several incidents that influence my protagonist’s path to his goal.

  5. Melody Lopez 11 years ago

    Write through Act IIa of my fifth revision of the original screenplay. (assuming I wrote all of Act I in February.)

    Develop 40 beats/master board for a new original story and a true story adaptation (assuming I wrote out the 15 beats in February)

    Write out summaries needed for my documentary to be used for various grant applications.

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