Thanks to script consultant Danny Manus,, for joining us for the July virtual meeting! The show’s topic was rewriting, and there was definitely some great nuggets of information.

Some of Danny’s tips from the show:

• Rewriting IS Writing. It’s what will give you longevity and success in your writing career, especially in screenwriting.

• Be your script’s Guardian, not it’s Mommy. Be open to changing everything and do what’s best for your story, not for you.

• Do as many drafts as necessary, there’s no special number but it’s definitely more than two.

• Rewriting is different than polishing. Although you should definitely do a polish once you’re script is rewritten to the best of your ability.

• Your first step in the rewrite process might be to go back and compare and contrast between your script and your original outline/treatment/plan for your story and see where it differs and why.

• When you’re ready, share it with a few people, find a consultant you trust, and/or send it out to the world.

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Listen to our entire conversation:

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