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  1. Susan Sonnen 10 years ago

    Continue writing at least one poem each day.

  2. Juin Charnell 10 years ago

    Compete in the Open challenge for Creative Screenwriting this weekend. Watch “True Blood” over and over again, to get the voices down and complete my analysis to prep for a spec for that show.

  3. Annette Pasternak 10 years ago

    Submit a query for writeon query contest and work on book proposal.

  4. Jacqui Horwood 10 years ago

    finish the first draft of my young adult crime book.

  5. Stephanie Olivieri 10 years ago

    Work on my next novel and finish my spec for the TV rounds this summer. :0)

  6. Dorothy 10 years ago

    Work on ideas expressed by a script consultant that I am using.

  7. P.I. Barrington 10 years ago

    May Goals:
    1. Finish edits on Book Two Future Imperfect: Miraculous Deception for my editor (Desert Breeze Publishing)
    2. Finish Sci Fi novella for same editor
    3. Go to Las Vegas May 20th (for novel research, really, lol!)
    4. Post author interviews (other authors, lol!) on website
    5. Finish/polish other writing projects

  8. Mary Parker 10 years ago

    my goal is to blog every day and work on essays and memoir.

  9. Andrea 10 years ago

    My May goals include finishing the final round of edits on a thriller and finishing a children’s movie script for the pitchfest. Enjoy my bday my taking a day by the lake to write. Edit a children’s book manuscript and polish up that query:)

  10. Regan Taylor 10 years ago

    Finish the first draft of With All Dispatch.

  11. Maxine Frendel 10 years ago

    Start working on my book and find time to do some really in-depth articles!

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