I am a big fan of goals: the importance of setting and achieving them. One of my goals is to make Write On! Online the largest worldwide support group for writers of all formats, genres, and levels of experience. It’s essential for writers to tackle different forms; that’s what makes us better writers. And it’s also why Write On! Online covers all types of writing in the new content posted on the site Monday through Friday!

Someone recently asked, “How do I become a member of Write On! Online?” Wanna be a member. Abracadabra, you are a member! Thanks for being part of this community. Other than making that decision, here are some things you can do to become a member of Write On! Online.

1. Join the mailing list. Sign up is on the sidebar. I send the newsletter out once/month. Feel free to send me your links and successes, so we can celebrate your wins.

2. Become a fan on Facebook. Post your goals the beginning of the week and report on them over the weekend.And watch the Facebook page throughout the week for links to articles, questions, etc.

3. Follow @WriteOnOnline on Twitter.

4. Post Goals on Write On! Online for a chance to win an iScript. Also, watch for the Write On! monthly challenges, which start up again in January. You can currently post your January Goals, as well as your Goals for 2011.

5. Listen and/or call into the Monthly Meeting on Blog Talk Radio. It’s scheduled for 8pm PST/2pm EST on the second Wednesday of the month. The January Write On! Meeting on Blog Talk Radio will be January 12.

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Stay tuned for new member features and events in the new year. Happy Writing! Write On!


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